Big Changes to Washington’s Condominium and HOA Laws

July 1, 2018 Posted in Legislative Update

The Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (“WUCIOA”) was adopted by the Washington State Legislature in March of 2018 and became effective on July 1, 2018. WUCIOA is a comprehensive statute that governs the creation, amendment, operation, termination and sale of condominiums, cooperatives and planned communities (referred to in the statute as “Common Interest Communities or “CICs”). Historically, Common Interest Communities were governed by separate statutes including Washington’s Condominium Act (RCW Ch. 64.34) and Washington’s Homeowners Association Act (RCW Ch. 64.38). With a few exceptions, preexisting communities will continue to be governed by existing laws.  Communities may elect, however, to adopt the new WUCIOA regulations.

WUCIOA was adopted in response to the perceived abuse by developers. It controls the creation, administration, termination, marketing and sale of all residential CICs, and creates uniform standards for the governance of associations, the administration of the community and the enforcement of the governing documents. In addition, it imposes a uniform set of requirements regarding association meetings, notices, quorum requirements, voting procedures, director elections, and enforcement rights.

WUCIOA is an expansive piece of legislation that will impact most residential development. Please contact us concerning how WUCIOA might affect your development or community.

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